Why Do You Need a Custom Crate When Shipping Art?

Custom crate

No matter how diligently you try to pack your art for shipping, there are likely to be weak spots in your package. You may ask, why is that? Despite the fact that the market is full of high-quality art packing materials, the truth is that the most proven way to protect your art in transit is to ship it in a custom crate. As a professional shipping company with more than 20 years of experience, Fine Art Shippers always uses custom wooden crates when transporting art, be it a painting or sculpture. They are the best way to ensure that everything arrives at the destination intact. Today, we will try to ascertain the high practical value of custom crates and explain why you need them when shipping art.

A custom crate: the most reliable way to ship art

Someone may think that this is some sort of magical box in which nothing gets damaged. Well, though a custom crate does not relate to any sorcery, the effect it provides is really astonishing. We know that like no other because our expert team has been providing fine art crating services for many years. Moreover, we are the best in NYC when it comes to shipping artworks in custom wooden crates. So, let’s move on to the benefits of using these wonderful crates.

1. Durability

Custom-built wooden crates are capable of withstanding the most severe pressure and blows. Our experienced crate makers design and construct crates taking into account all peculiarities and details of the shipping process. The aim is to secure the piece of art, no matter under what conditions it will happen to be. Premium quality wood and qualitative methods of attachment make our crates as solid as a rock.

2. Additional protection

Let’s not forget about the additional features of the custom crate, allowing to ship art over a long distance safely. If made by professionals, the construction is able to endure excessive vibrations and levels of humidity, which is a great benefit when shipping fine art by air or sea. 

3. Expedience

One more advantage is money. Fine Art Shippers offers custom crating services at the most competitive rates in NYC. Overall, the cost of our crates is always reasonable because we use only those materials that are needed for the construction, without any extras and useless additions.

If you need a helping hand with shipping art, turn to Fine Art Shippers. We know how to build the safest custom crates and ship valuable art to any destination!