What to Expect from Hiring an Expert Art Collection Manager?

What to Expect from Hiring an Expert Art Collection Manager?

As your art collection grows, you may need a competent art collection manager to oversee the whole set of creative masterpieces you own. Some of them may be on display in galleries or museums; others may spend some time in secure storage; a selected few may be hanging in your office or home. Each item may reduce or increase in value over time, require regular condition audit, or need to be packed for shipping and unpacked for viewing by a potential buyer.

Art collection management includes many tasks you should take seriously. It’s a craft of keeping the finger on the pulse of the ever-changing art industry along with monitoring the artworks’ condition. Here is a closer introduction to this job that will help you understand what spectrum of services you get by hiring such an expert to oversee your art.

What Does an Art Collection Manager Typically Do?

So, what can you expect from a professional you engage with in your art management? Here are the typical duties of this job that your hired expert should fulfill.


Your manager should keep detailed records of every item’s condition, value, and location with the help of modern, safe inventory systems and secure databases.

Conservation and Condition Management

Art collection management experts take full responsibility for the proper care and handling of all artwork items to prevent their damage or deterioration from improper storage. They collaborate with conservation professionals to choose optimal storage conditions.


Your manager should be able to assist you in the acquisition of new artwork by conducting negotiations and arranging the acquisition procedure. They should also handle the removal of artwork from your collection when needed.

Exhibition Planning and Management

Art collection managers partner with exhibition curators and organizers to arrange your artwork’s display at various venues.

Condition Reporting

These experts hold regular condition assessments for artwork and create detailed reports to inform you about each piece’s present-day state and market value.

As you can see, the process of art management can turn into a real hassle, especially if you’re new to this craft and have no spare time for it. Get the end-to-end art management service to streamline the process and ensure your collection is continually monitored by experts. A dedicated art collection manager can provide full assistance, consulting, support, and regular updates on your collection’s condition and value.