What to Consider When Shipping Framed Art in 2022

What to Consider When Shipping Framed Art in 2022

Shipping framed art is like an exciting quest. How to pack artworks so that everything remains intact? What nuances should be considered when transporting art without worrying about bumps in the road or turbulence in the air?

Damaged work frustrates the client and leads to additional expenses on restoration and/or loss of profit. What is also important, it is a reputational disaster for an art shipping company.

Careful packaging is important when shipping framed art

Artworks are a separate category of items. In contrast to household items and daily stuff, works of art have history, provenance, and a magic veil of creativity. They are always more than just an “oil on canvas,” which means that you should be very careful when packing your treasures for transportation. High-quality packing materials and attention to detail are a must.

Anticipate every contingency

The best packaging provides for all emergencies and allows to prevent their consequences if something happens. Framed art is often covered with glass, so it is necessary to tape it across the face. If the glass shatters, the tape will fix shards of glass and save the canvas or paper. The tape should be chosen with caution to leave no trace or film on the glass. Painters tape is the best choice in this case.

Strong fixation

When shipping framed art, it is necessary to fix the glass and the frame. After fixation, it is time for bubble wrap. A flat side is placed on the artwork. Sealed soft packaging runs as a shock absorber and additionally fixes the work. Clear plastic is an alternative to bubble wrap. However, if you use this material, you should care about the corners of artwork with doubled accuracy. Corners of the frame are protected with corner protectors.

Custom crate

After packaging, the artwork is placed into a custom crate. Our company manufactures individual wooden crates for each artwork and gets every detail right for shipping framed art safely. The space between the work and the crate is additionally filled with foam or another cushioning material.

You can trust us!

Fine Art Shippers is over 25 years in the art logistics business. Every day, we do our best to ensure the best packaging for artworks while they are in transit. It is important for us that our clients are satisfied with our work and receive their masterpieces safe. You can entrust us with shipping framed art wherever it needs to be with a clear conscience.