What Should You Look Out for When Moving Art with a Courier Service?

What Should You Look Out for When Moving Art with a Courier Service

Courier services are popular in all industries because they are quick and efficient. Couriers are usually helpful when you need to transport something lightweight locally, or when you need a personalized delivery. Moving art with a courier service can make your life as an art collector, artist, or gallery manager significantly easier. But finding an art courier might be more complicated than just hiring a random courier service. Here are some tips for choosing a great professional courier for art moving.

What Should You Look Out for When Moving Art with a Courier Service?

Make sure the courier service specializes in art

You might be inclined toward choosing a non-professional art moving courier because you feel like regular movers are good enough for local transportation. However, by entrusting your precious valuables to non-experts, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Professional art couriers are not just couriers — they are also art handlers, which means they know not only how to deliver valuable items but also how to pack them for moving and install them if necessary.

Check if the courier delivers to your location and within your preferred time slot

If you require a local art delivery, you most likely need it to be done quickly. You should always check if your art courier service can deliver your artwork within the time limitations you set. The same goes for long-distance courier services: always make sure that an art courier company can transport it to your preferred location. Some art couriers can even deliver your art overseas, but this service is usually enlisted for extremely valuable and expensive pieces.

Testimonials from clients

Of course, before moving art with a courier service, you should get an unbiased opinion on the company that offers it. Reading reviews or talking to people who used this service in the past is crucial because not all companies are 100% transparent. Comparing customer reviews and testimonials for several companies will aid you in making an informed decision.

How you can get a free quote

Requesting a free shipping quote from an art transportation company before opting for their services will benefit you greatly. Do not forgo getting it because it is an easy way to know if the service and prices are the right fit for you.

If you are interested in moving art with a courier, we hope these tips will help you navigate the variety of options in the market.