What Services Do Fine Art Installation Companies Offer?

What Services Do Fine Art Installation Companies Offer

It is always useful to know what to expect from a service provider: what you can and should ask for, and what pointless to ask for. That’s why we decided to compile a list of services that you, as a private collector or gallery owner, can expect from fine art installation companies. 

Fine Art Installation Companies and Their Duties 

As the name logically implies, fine art installation companies are designed to help individuals and art institutions with the installation and handling of artworks. Handling is the key word here. Only professional art handlers who have expertise in safely moving valuable items, including works of art, can do their job without disappointing consequences. Entrusting your precious possessions to professionals in this field is really important.

The installation itself involves hanging paintings and works on paper, mounting sculptures, and arranging art installations in a way that meets the client’s specifications. The tasks of art handlers may differ when preparing for an art fair and an art exhibition. Arranging an art fair means showing the artworks in their market essence, as a means of capital, and arranging an exhibition space is something that usually refers primarily to the aesthetic experience. These nuances should be clear to the representative of a fine art installation company. To this effect, they may have a different approach to artwork installation, ensuring that the pieces are displayed in a way that complements a client’s vision.

It goes without saying that art handlers must be concerned about security measures. The safety of the mounting systems they use is first and foremost their business. But they are also usually well aware of the principles of art conservation. That’s why they are able to advise their clients on how to better preserve and protect their artwork during the show. This includes knowledge of temperature and humidity control, lighting, and security systems.

Finally, these companies can safely remove and deinstall the works of art when the show is over. Moreover, art handlers should ensure that the items are stored in such a way that nothing will affect their condition until they are shipped further. This usually requires that the artwork is properly packaged. And who but art handlers are professionals in this field? They are the ones who should be trusted with the packaging of artwork, not the regular shipping companies.

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