What Is Softpack, and Is It Good for Transporting Art and Antiques?

What Is Softpack, and Is It Good for Transporting Art and Antiques?

The term “softpack” can refer to a lot of things when talking about artwork shipping. Generally, it is considered a less secure option as opposed to crating, which involves wooden shipping boxes. That is not to say, however, that a cardboard box cannot be a good shipping option. There are ways to ensure that your art and antiques are protected throughout their trip even if you are not using the sturdiest materials imaginable.

What is softpack?

Different sources have various opinions on what qualifies as softpack. Overall, soft packing means using materials made from cloth, paper, or soft plastic. However, we do not recommend simply shipping your package in the mailbox with just one layer of bubble wrap around it, especially if you are shipping artwork or an antique item. 

How to soft pack art right?

Layering is key

There are many shipping tips that will be useful to you if you are looking for ways to improve your softpack. One trick that you should consider is using two boxes instead of one or layering wrapping materials. If you are shipping paintings, we recommend that you protect their corners with styrofoam before putting them in the box. To protect the paint from drying or getting smeared, wrap your canvas with art plastic or acid-free paper, for example, glassine.

Reusing is not always a good idea

Even though we always encourage recycling as much as possible, sometimes, it is not advisable when dealing with art shipping. Used boxes do not offer the same protection and support as the new ones do, as cardboard tends to get dented and loose after some time. Make sure the materials you are using to pack your art pieces are all functioning in the way they are supposed to.

Do not forget to label

Labeling is crucial in making sure your items reach the place of their destination intact, and it goes for both soft and hard packing. You can use special labels or simply write “fragile” on a box. This will be enough if you are working with a shipping company that specializes in art handling.

Softpack can be a great option for less fragile items. However, if you need to ship something of high value or too delicate, it would not hurt to get it professionally crated. Fine Art Shippers has options for artworks and antiques of any size, so do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries.