5 Things to Know Before Crating Art with Fine Art Shippers

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You are not paranoid if your thoughts are all about crating your precious canvas that is about to be shipped by art movers. An artwork shipping crate is the sturdiest and most reliable layer of protection for valuable and fragile pieces, so it would be natural to worry about how properly built it is. At the end of the day, you pay money for those containers, and making sure that everything is safe and sound is a tempting thought. Crating art with Fine Art Shippers is what can satisfy your inner perfectionist. Here are some soothing things to know about our service.

5 Things to Know Before Crating Art with Fine Art Shippers

5. Our team consists of only skilled and experienced craftspeople.

Fine Art Shippers employs only well-trained workers. That’s why our team of carpenters consists of people that came from the wood trade. They know everything about the material they work with and even more.

4. We use only neatly selected wood in the process5 Things to Know Before Crating Art with Fine Art Shippers

Crating art is impossible without quality wood. Our time-tested suppliers know that and provide us with the best building materials. Throughout our long history, we have built hundreds of crates, so we are 100% sure about our approach.

3. Your voice matters

As a client, you are free to request any changes that you feel are important. Furthermore, we take into account all the details and wishes that you share with us. Should there be any specific requirements for art crating and packaging, we pay close attention to them and try to adapt our product to your needs.

2. We make crates of any design

By “design,” we mean the shape of an item. There are quite a few oddly shaped artworks, and it may seem next to impossible to put them in a container. Let us calm you down because almost any piece can be crated, no matter how “strange” it looks.

1. You get two-in-one service

Apart from comprehensive crating art services, you can also rely on us in other aspects of the moving process. As a logistics company, we can store and ship your objects whenever you want, whether the destination is in the US or somewhere abroad.

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Crating art with us is a straightforward process that doesn’t require any effort from you. Just let us handle your painting and protect it by using the best practices as of today. We look forward to hearing from you!