Tips on Shipping Glass: Advice from Professional Art Handlers

Tips on Shipping Glass Advice from Professional Art Handlers

There are not many things that are more challenging for art handlers than shipping glass. This material is extremely breakable but is often found in art, from frames with glass to delicate antique glass sculptures. Unfortunately, the fragility of glass is also the reason why some insurance companies refuse to cover pieces made from this material — the risk of damage is simply too high. However, there is nothing that can disarm a true professional. Let’s dive into the rules that world-class art shippers abide by when faced with the challenge of shipping glass-based items.

The Challenge of Shipping Glass

Glass is a very diverse material. This leaves limitless possibilities for creativity but also makes shipping glass items a very tedious task. There are, however, some general rules that apply to most pieces made from glass.

  • Do not pick a box that is too big. The shipping box you are using has to be only slightly bigger than the item so that there is space for cushioning material. If there is too much space left, the glass piece will slide around and break during transit.
  • When loading the boxes, make sure your fragile items are strapped down and secured. Art shipping companies use vehicles equipped with special fasteners for that purpose. Besides, you should not put your glass pieces next to the heavy boxes or put anything on top of them.
  • Shipping a valuable or expensive piece? Do not do it on your own. It might seem that a sturdy box and a thick layer of bubble wrap can protect anything, but if you are dealing with a delicate glass figurine that you bought at an antique store, do not push your luck and better opt for help from professional art handlers.
  • Always label your boxes as fragile. And we cannot stress it enough! This step will prevent a good half of the trouble during transportation. The movers might be professionals, but they are not psychic.

These rules are the basics you definitely need to know when shipping glass. However, if you would rather let expert art handlers take care of your valuables, then you can always contact Fine Art Shippers. Find out about the full range of services we offer by phone or email.