What Is a Fine Art Hanging Service, and Why Might You Need It?

What Is a Fine Art Hanging Service, and Why Might You Need It

Who hasn’t tried their hand at putting up framed art? Pretty much anyone who has ever decorated their home has experience hanging something on a wall. It is as easy as hammering a nail into a wall and making sure your painting is not crooked, right? Well, not exactly. Hanging up pictures and paintings might seem simple on the surface, but sometimes, a professional approach is required. Expensive and valuable works of art cannot just be hanging off of a nail and a string, and that is not a sustainable way to display art in your home anyway. Instead, what about hiring a professional art hanging service?

Why Do You Need an Art Hanging Service?

Look at the beautiful works of art in museums and galleries, all of which were installed by trained art handlers. It is hard to imagine the installation of a wall-sized canvas being done by non-professionals. After all, the risk of dropping or tearing gets higher the bigger your artwork is. In addition, no one would be simply hanging up a museum-value work of art without considering several important details first.

So, what skills do art handlers have that regular people do not? The answer is simple: a professional art hanging service is always performed by people with years of experience dealing with all kinds of artwork, hanging systems, and techniques. Why is it important? For example, when installing a heavy painting, you always want to make sure it is secure. So, before putting a picture hanging hook into a wall, you must first find a wall stud. Locating it can be a true challenge if you have never done it before, but fortunately, fine art handlers can help you with that.

Paintings are not the only items that can be hung on a wall. For instance, three-dimensional hanging sculptures are extremely common in contemporary art, and they often require a personalized approach due to their complex structure.

Whether you are hanging a picture in your home or preparing for an art show, you can always benefit from an art hanging service. At Fine Art Shippers, we are ready to assist you with installation, deinstallation, and art staging. We will do our best to ensure that your art stays in its place for as long as you need.