What Does the Notion of Secure Art Storage Mean to You?

What Does the Notion of Secure Art Storage Mean to You

Admiring your art possessions is a self-indulging and esthetically pleasing activity. Yet, in some cases, you will need to take it away from display, either when you start renovation in your premises or when you plan to relocate to another country. Whatever the case, you will need secure art storage for your valuable possessions. How to find one? And which criteria determine the security of art storage facilities? Here is a glimpse of the core security parameters to take into account.

Parameters of Secure Art Storage

Fine art has a high market value that stretches far beyond its face value. That’s why exquisite artwork often becomes the target of thieves’ attention, and it requires comprehensive security coverage to escape theft. Besides, art is a physically delicate and fragile category of assets, so it needs to be kept in a stable, fully customizable environment to avoid deterioration and damage.

For these reasons, security means many things in an art storage facility. At a bare minimum, your storage should guarantee robust climate control, air quality management, fire suppression systems, early smoke detectors, and integrated pest management solutions. In terms of security, the storage should be equipped with alarm systems and access controls, with 24/7 surveillance put in place. Art storage facilities also need to have comprehensive insurance coverage that will protect your assets from theft, damage, natural disasters, and the risk of human error.

Turn to Fine Art Shippers If You Value Security Above All

It is natural to wish the best for your precious art belongings. Thus, finding secure art storage is a guarantee for your peace of mind during travel, home reconstruction, and other circumstances that require taking your art away for some time.

First, our storage in Upper Manhattan is equipped with museum-level climate control, which ensures stable temperature at 700F and relative humidity of 45-55%. The advanced MERV filtration system ensures high-quality air conditioning to prevent microbial or pest contamination in the storage room. Even if there is a power outage in NYC, our storage facility will be able to support stable climate conditions due to the mechanically redundant HVAC system.

Besides, we have set up the burglar and fire alarm systems and have restricted access to storage only to authorized staff members, thus guaranteeing end-to-end security from theft or unwanted intrusion. The facility is subject to 24/7 video monitoring and security control, with no risk to the stored assets. By turning to us, you may keep your art in safe and secure conditions for as long as you need.