Artwork Storage in NYC: Keeping Your Precious Pieces Safe and Secure

Artwork Storage in NYC Keeping Your Precious Pieces Safe and Secure

Finding a safe and secure art storage space can sometimes be challenging for art collectors and enthusiasts in New York City. With the high cost of living and limited space in the city, it can be difficult to find a storage facility that is affordable and meets all the requirements at the same time. Today, let’s explore some of the key considerations to keep in mind when looking for artwork storage in NYC.

Artwork Storage in NYC: Keeping Your Precious Pieces Safe and Secure

Climate control

Temperature and humidity control are some of the most critical factors to consider when storing artwork. Extreme temperatures and humidity levels can cause significant damage to artwork, leading to warping, cracking, fading, molding, etc. When choosing a storage unit for your art collection, make sure to select one that was specifically designed to maintain the perfect conditions for art preservation.


Artwork is a valuable asset that must be protected at all times, so art storage facilities must implement highly effective security measures. Surveillance cameras, alarms, and highly secure locks are necessary to prevent theft. Authorized access systems can help ensure that all your precious valuables are only handled by trained professionals.


When storing artwork, it’s better to choose a fine art storage facility that allows you to access your pieces if needed. However, keep in mind that most professional art storage companies have limited access and will require you to schedule an appointment in advance. Besides, you may need to book a viewing room to see and inspect your pieces.

Expert handling

Your delicate collection should only be handled by experts. It is essential to choose a storage facility with sufficient experience in handling and transporting all kinds of fragile items. Look for a facility that employs highly trained staff who can handle your artwork with care and use proper techniques to transport and store it safely.

Looking for artwork storage in NYC can be daunting, but with the right service provider, you can rest assured that your precious pieces will be safe and secure. By keeping the features listed above in mind, you are sure to find a storage space that meets your unique needs. If you are still struggling with finding a suitable option, check out Fine Art Shippers. Our professional fine art storage facility in Manhattan is always available for the safekeeping of your valuables.