Washburn Gallery & Its Impressive Collection of American Art

While Fine Art Shippers is an international art shipping company, with representative offices in the United States, Great Britain, Russia, and China, we are always happy to meet professional gallerists and talented artists from our beloved New York when traveling to other countries. For example, we were pleased to visit Washburn Gallery at Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland where we spent several amazing days this June. It was indeed a memorable experience for each member of our international art shipping company, and now we want to tell you about this notable New York-based art gallery in this blog post.

Washburn Gallery

Washburn Gallery opened its doors in 1971 and since then has been one of the most popular destinations in New York for 19th– and 20th-century American art. This beautiful gallery is world-known for its carefully selected exhibitions and shows featuring a whole range of interesting and valuable pieces with a focus on American Abstract Art. In particular, its outstanding collection includes works by Jackson Pollock, Ray Parker, Mark Rothko, Alice Trumbull Mason, Georgia O’Keeffe, Alexander Calder, and many other renowned American artists. Washburn Gallery also represents several talented contemporary artists, including Jack Youngerman, Gwynn Murrill, and Charles Hinman, introducing their work in the local and international art scene.

As an experienced international art shipping company working with many valuable artworks by prominent artists, we highly recommend everyone to visit Washburn Gallery in New York. Its collection of American art is truly impressive!