Useful Packing Tips from Art Movers in NYC

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So, you are going to move. It’s time to inventory your possessions, sort them out, get rid of stuff that you no longer need or use, think about the appropriate insurance, carefully pack the things you want to take with you, and do many other things. What about your most valuable possessions? Paintings, sculptures, heirlooms, porcelains, chandeliers, and other vintage and collectible items require special attention and care. This is where you need a reliable art delivery service. However, you may still want to pack your fine art belongings yourself. If it is what you are going to do, consider the following packing tips from professional art movers in NYC.

Fine art moving tips 

1. Choose durable boxes that completely fit the artwork with as little extra space as possible. Keep in mind that it is better to pack each fragile item separately, using two boxes, each filled with packaging chips, foam peanuts, or another suitable filler.

2. Please note that any packing materials that contain acid can damage the artwork and reduce its value. This is especially true for unframed pieces, so wrap them in only acid-free tissue paper. Besides, if you want to protect such pieces against moisture, you can additionally wrap them in plastic.

3. When it comes to packing framed fine art pieces, it is important to protect the frame. You can use a heavy piece of cardboard to cover the glass before wrapping the entire piece. This will help prevent breakage.

4. Order custom crates for the most delicate and valuable items. Built from wood to fit each particular item, they are strong enough to protect even the most fragile fine art pieces. Moreover, such crates are usually designed with a custom-cut interior that does not let the item move during transit.

5. Always label the boxes. This will make it much easier to locate your fine art pieces when they reach their destination, not to mention that proper labeling will prevent them from being lost or mixed up with other packages.

If you have any doubts concerning fine art moving and packing techniques, consult professional shippers. After all, hiring experienced art movers in NYC is much better than experimenting on your own. Contact us now, and we will help you avoid basic mistakes made by people when packing and shipping their valuable possessions.