Useful Art Shipping Tips When Moving Overseas

Useful Art Shipping Tips When Moving Overseas

If you are not a try-hard art collector, fine and decorative art is probably the last thing that you will remember when moving abroad. Whether you have pieces of wall art or a complete art collection, shipping art to a new country is challenging and hence requires some serious preparation. If you worry about your art, we have some useful art shipping tips that will help you nail the entire shipping process. It might well be challenging, but there is nothing impossible!

Useful Art Shipping Tips When Moving Overseas

Different country – different rules

When it comes to international transportation, there can be different art shipping nuances — it all depends on the country. Do your homework and find out more about the rules and regulations of the country where you move. Sometimes, there are additional fees that might surprise you.

Find someone to assist you with customs

Depending on how well you researched the matter above, you must have an idea of what awaits you at customs. If it is all new for you, you will need help with preparing customs paperwork. When done right, your shipment will have a smooth transit and won’t get lost.

Ship your art separately from other stuff

If you value your artworks and fear for their safety, you need to ship them separately from everything else. Entrust packing and shipping to professional shipping companies. Be sure to hire professionals who ship fine art abroad on a regular basis. Experience matters!

Don’t ignore shipping insurance

Last but not least, think of artwork insurance. Loss and damage are not that common, and yet it pays to insure your art and protect yourself legally and financially.

The best art shipping tip is that you should start preparing for international relocation long beforehand. It usually takes some nerve to organize everything smoothly. Make sure your move is as stress-free as possible.