UPS Art Shipping: How Safe Is It?

UPS Art Shipping: How Safe Is It?

UPS is a global courier company with millions of clients every day. Over the years, the company’s services have proven to be a safe bet for all kinds of customers, except, of course, those who need to deal with art. UPS art shipping can be effective most of the time, but it may not be the best choice when it comes to fragile valuables, breakables, and delicate objects like canvases and sculptures. Let’s compare it to the services provided by specialized art shipping companies and see how safe it is.

How Safe Is UPS Art Shipping Compared to Art Shippers?

Art logistics is based on three main principles: reliable packaging, safe art storage, and efficient transportation. Let’s dive deep into each notion and analyze UPS art shipping from multiple perspectives.

Art packaging: packing a piece of art is a distinct genre of art itself. A successful package often involves a range of sustainable packing supplies, such as art bags, mirror boxes, and art crates that art shippers use to reduce the risk of damage when shipping valuable items. Companies such as UPS usually offer a standard array of materials that are rarely foolproof for art. Moreover, ordinary movers don’t have enough experience in packing art items, which can lead to improper packaging and hence damage, especially when we are talking about art with irregular shapes.

Art storage: a storage unit is a life buoy for art owners, whether they need to move a house or store an art collection. Art storage services are a boon that UPS art shipping doesn’t provide. You can benefit from them in a variety of ways, as they simplify and speed up the whole shipping process a lot. Besides, it is a guarantee of long-term safety for even the most delicate artworks.

Art transportation: at a glance, transportation of art and regular freight looks pretty much the same, but the devil is in the details. Attention to nuances, such as installation and deinstallation of artworks, is what matters. Fine art doesn’t forgive mistakes, so art shippers do their best to oversee and rectify them in advance.

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UPS art shipping works like a charm in many cases, but works of fine art are a different story, and you will want to protect them the best way you can. In that case, it is an art shipping company that can help you. If you need one right now, contact Fine Art Shippers and capture the essence of professional art services with our expert team!