Unusual Antique Clock Types That You Have Never Heard Of

Unusual Antique Clock Types That You Have Never Heard Of

Incorporating a timepiece into your interior design is an easy way to add an interesting twist to your place. While there are perfectly good new clocks being sold at regular stores, some people prefer more refined options that have historical value. Vintage clocks have a magical feel — they are quite literally the manifestation of the passage of time. When we hear the phrase “antique timepieces,” we usually think about massive grandfather clocks or tiny pocket watches. But did you know that they come in a surprising number of kinds? Let us tell you about several impressive antique clock types.

Unusual Antique Clock Types That You Have Never Heard Of

Mystery clocks

A mystery clock is one of the most fascinating antique clock types. Mystery clocks were also known as floaters or impossible clocks because of their design. The fact is that such a clock seems not to have a visible mechanism, making it look like the hands are moving on their own. This type of clock was invented by the famous magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin.

Advertising clocks

Advertising clocks are still being made today, but only vintage ones are highly valued by collectors. Such timepieces might be the most difficult to fit into interior design as compared to other antique clock types. Advertising clocks have logos of companies printed on them, which makes them stand out in any room. Did you know that even Coca-Cola used to make such clocks? That is indeed quite a bold way to proclaim one’s love for a brand. Besides, it can also be quirky and fun if done right.

Carriage clocks

Carriage clocks resemble modern-day handbags. They were first invented in 19th-century Austria and quickly gained popularity all over Europe. They had handles that made them easy to carry around and came with a leather case to protect them. Some carriage clocks even played melodies hourly. These timepieces are usually less expensive than larger versions and can become a great starting point for a new collection.

Antique timepieces are not only beautiful — many of them still work, which makes you truly appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating them. After all, any item will last for a long time if treated with care. We hope that these antique clock types have inspired you to look for a vintage timepiece during your next visit to an antique store.