Ultimate Guide to Our Expert Art Shipping Services in 2023

Ultimate Guide to Our Expert Art Shipping Services in 2023

Art shipping services are part and parcel of the art industry, as no event can deal without professional art handlers. Fine Art Shippers is one of NYC’s leading providers of expert services for individual collectors, art institutions, auctions, and art galleries. Here is a breakdown of our expertise and service areas in which you can rely on us without a doubt.

Art Packaging

Any piece of art, whether it’s a painting or an object of antique furniture, requires thorough packaging before shipment. Our professional art handlers can package your art objects in your location to get them ready for crating and further safe transportation. We use only safe, natural materials in the process of packaging to preserve your belongings’ integrity and prevent damage.

Customized Art Crating

Once the objects of art are packaged in line with their type, size, and shape, it’s time to proceed to crating. We make customized wood crates to protect your valuables at all stages of transportation and keep them stable in a truck, airplane, or ship.

Art Storage

Those who need to keep their objects of art in a safe, protected location with a proper environment for fine art preservation may utilize our fine art storage services. Fine Art Shippers has a storage facility in Brooklyn, NY, where your belongings can expect transportation to the point of destination.

Art Pick-Up and Shipment

We can pick up your piece of art and ship it to the destination point in compliance with top-tier standards of art shipping services. Fine Art Shippers provides door-to-door and door-to-(air)port art shipping services, so you can select the option that suits your needs.

International Art Shipping Services: Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage

Those who buy or sell art objects in other countries and need international shipment can also rely on Fine Art Shippers’ expertise. We can receive your shipment in NYC and handle all customs clearance issues, freeing you from the hassle. Our experts can also pick up your belongings and prepare all the required documents for their international shipment to the destination country.

Staging and Installation

We have many experienced art handlers on board, so you can always turn to Fine Art Shippers for help with art staging and installation in your space. Our team will take all aspects of your environment into account, providing professional art placement services with an esthetic appeal and safety in mind.