Why Should You Invest in Custom Art Crates for Your Artwork?

Why Should You Invest in Custom Art Crates for Your Artwork

If you have been researching art packing supplies in preparation for a home move or art event, you have probably already heard of custom art crates. You might have also noticed that they are more expensive than some other kinds of art packaging options, for example, shipping boxes or tubes made from cardboard. Nevertheless, art crates are extremely popular among private collectors, artists, and art institutions. So why do art industry professionals opt for custom fine art shipping crates, and should you consider giving them a try?

Why Should You Invest in Custom Art Crates for Your Artwork?

Art crates are sturdier than cardboard packaging supplies

While packaging made from cardboard is great for shipping various kinds of items, it is not the most secure option you can get. For large, heavy, fragile, and expensive pieces, you want to opt for sturdier options for optimal support for your valuables. Custom art crates are made from wood and constructed to create a unique microclimate for each of your pieces.

Plus, you cannot forgo art shipping crates if you are sending your pieces long-distance: the further the destination of your delivery, the more secure the packaging should be.

Art crates are custom-made to fit your items

The main advantage of custom art crates hides in their name. If you are wondering why it is crucial that a shipping crate fits your artwork perfectly, think about it as a shoe fitting a foot. If your footwear is too small or too big for you, your feet will get blisters, and will not be able to walk for very long. That is exactly how it is with works of art: if you want your piece to survive transit, you must use perfectly fitting crates. That way, there will be no room for your piece to move around or crush from pressure during transportation.

Art crates are sustainable

You are right to be concerned about your carbon footprint when shipping artwork. The good news is art crates are a lot more eco-friendly than single-use art packing materials. Unlike cardboard boxes, art crates can be reused (for example, to transport an item to an art fair and back home). Plus, you will not need to worry about disposing of an art crate yourself because your art logistics company will happily take care of it for you if needed.

The construction of art transportation crates is best done by professionals, so don’t forget to ask your art logistics service provider about custom crating services.