Types of Art Rack Storage Systems, and Why Professionals Use Them

Types of Art Rack Storage Systems, and Why Professionals Use Them

Art rack storage is one of the common art storage systems used by art institutions and professional facilities. But why do experts in the art industry opt for it? What types of art racks are there? And, finally, should you use one yourself? If you want answers to these questions, keep reading the blog post below.

Types of Art Rack Storage Systems

There is a reason why there are so many kinds of art racks on the market today. Industry professionals understand that not only artworks are all unique and special, but the same applies to storage spaces. Which art storage system to choose depends on the type of collection an institution holds and the amount of space needed for its safekeeping.

Mounted art racks

Ceiling- or floor-mounted art storage racks are often favored by museums and art storage facilities for their stable and sturdy yet flexible structure. They are either installed using floor rails or hung from tracks, and they can be pulled out and put away quickly and safely. They also can help save space, as they do not require additional access aisles.

Modular art racks

While some art storage systems are mounted, others can be moved around freely. Modular art racks are still supported by rails but can be easily relocated and adjusted as the art collection grows. Just like the previous option, modular art racks have mesh panels made from nets to which artworks are attached.

Lateral art racks

Depending on the size of the storage space, one might opt for a lateral art rack. This system functions similarly to others, but you can move a panel laterally instead of sliding an entire panel out. This storage option is perfect for facilities with limited space.

As you can see, art rack systems are pretty diverse. They can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of any space, no matter how vast a storage facility is or how big the art collection is.

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