Fine Art Shippers Has Changed the Address of Its Headquarters

Fine Art Shippers Has Changed the Address of Its Headquarters

The New York-based fine art logistics company Fine Art Shippers has recently changed the official address of its headquarters. We are now registered at 122 West 146th Street, Unit #314, New York, NY 10039. That is because we have opened a new fine art storage space in Upper Manhattan, where we now provide top-tier art storage services of any kind. Let us use this occasion to tell you more about our new amazing art storage facility.

Fine Art Shippers Presents a New Art Storage Space in Upper Manhattan 

Our Upper Manhattan art storage facility is equipped with an advanced climate-control system that helps maintain the necessary conditions for the preservation and conservation of artwork, antiques, and other collectibles. The temperature inside the storage units is strictly kept at around 70° Fahrenheit (+/-2°) and humidity at around 50% (+/- 5%) to prevent mold growth and deterioration. Thanks to MERV 13 filtration systems, we can ensure that the quality of air inside the storage space is up to the highest standards.

As always, the security of our clients’ valuables is a priority. We keep our fine art storage facility safe by having high-end systems in place. That includes monitored burglar alarm systems, CCTV cameras, and access control. To make sure we are ready to face any mishaps, we chose a facility outfitted with independent pre-action dry line fire suppression systems and early warning smoke detection. Moreover, an HVAC system backed up with a natural gas emergency generator will keep all valuables safe inside the facility even if the power goes out.

Fine Art Shippers continues to stay true to its values. As we believe that all works of art and antiques are unique and deserve to be treated as such, we work hard to provide you with art storage services specifically designed to fit your situation. We offer storage options for valuables of all kinds and for any storage period.

As we move to this new chapter in our company’s life, we would like to remind you that our warehouse and crate shop, where we make custom art shipping crates, remain in our Brooklyn location.

If you would like to take advantage of our fine art storage services in Upper Manhattan, please contact our Operations Office by phone at (917) 658-5075 or email at We look forward to serving you!