Top 5 Business Aspects Art Shipping Companies Should Care For

Top 5 Business Aspects Art Shipping Companies Should Care For

When dealing with fine art and following their passion, art-related businesses can quickly get caught up in the details and lose track of their business operations on a broader scale. However, art shipping companies are business entities first of all. Thus, they need to take proper care of expansion, outreach, and development on a regular basis.

Top 5 Business Aspects Art Shipping Companies Should Care For

Online visibility and sustainable growth of clientele are just a few markers of business success. Here is a brief breakdown of key activities that can help art shipping companies shine out their competitors.

Project Portfolio

Art shipping companies deal with art objects and handle many different items, from one standard-size painting to a huge art gallery collection. Thus, you need to show to current clients and prospects that you’re really capable of handling artwork of any type, size, and dimensions. This is best achieved in a visually appealing and clear portfolio with completed projects. Share your achievements and showcase your expertise, which is more convincing than a thousand words.


Networking with other participants in the fine art industry is a great self-promotion technique. The art community is a relatively closed sphere in which word of mouth spreads very quickly. Thus, shipping companies that serve clients well have all the chances to enjoy positive publicity and get new clients without spending time and money on advertising.

Social Media Marketing

In the times when people get 99% of information from their smartphones and social networks, a lack of online presence may be disastrous for a fine art shipper. Timely updates, service reminders, special deal announcements, and a bit of educational content are all you need to win art owners’ hearts.


Participating in art fairs and other art-related events is a great way to remain visible in the art industry. Scan the local market for upcoming events and make sure you have a booth or promo there. This way, you can reach out to new target audiences and expand your outreach without wasting money on commercials that don’t work.

Financial Management

Last but not least, don’t forget about finances. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for a shipping company’s financial management, but one thing is for sure: you should make the best use of your budget on things that really work and add value to your business. Invest in high-quality tools and equipment, hire well-trained staff, and engage a tax consultant; your company is doomed to success.

Here you go with the main aspects of running an art shipping business. Don’t ignore any of these aspects, and your startup is sure to evolve into a mature company with a solid reputation.