Fine Art Storage Near Me: Your Best Option in New York City

Fine Art Storage Near Me: Your Best Option in New York City

As soon as you start a large-scale renovation project in your house or need to move your property to another state or country, it often turns out you have no safe place for storing your fine art possessions. In this case, your first move is to google “fine art storage near me” to find the most reliable, secure storage unit for your valuables for the waiting period. How do you evaluate storage options, and which one is the safest variant for NYC dwellers wishing to have their items stored nearby? Here are the answers.

Why Use Local Storage?

The reason for feeding a “fine art storage near me” inquiry into Google or Yelp is that people want their delicate, fragile property to travel as little as possible, as a longer transit increases the likelihood of damage or loss. Sending your fine art to a distant storage in another city or state just doesn’t make sense if you only need a temporary storage solution while your house, gallery, or office is undergoing reconstruction.

That’s why keeping your fine art locally is the best solution for those who seek storage in a hub with easy logistics, access to multiple transportation points (airports and seaports), and no need to travel long distances to get their belongings back.

Fine Art Shippers: The Top “Fine Art Storage Near Me” Search Result

If you’re a NYC dweller or want to store your fine art objects in New York while they expect domestic or international transportation, the first response to your “fine art storage near me” search will be Fine Art Shippers. We have been in the professional fine art shipping industry for almost three decades and have proven our commitment to client satisfaction and artwork safety with hundreds of successfully completed orders. Our trained experts can undertake careful, delicate handling of your art objects of all types, preparing them for storage and picking them up from your location after thorough, secure packaging in compliance with the object’s type and condition.

We have a Brooklyn-based storage unit where all art objects are kept in a climate-controlled environment, with proper regard to all safety and intactness guidelines. This way, by working with us, you get a safe temporary home for your valuable belongings and can keep them here as long as you need.