Top 4 Main Points in Your Checklist for Shipping Paintings

Top 4 Main Points in Your Checklist for Shipping Paintings

Shipping paintings is not a kid’s play; these works of fine art are delicate and vulnerable to external shocks and changing environmental conditions. That’s why a wrongly organized shipping process can lead to irreparable damage to your valuable belongings and cause them to deteriorate much quicker. To avoid these risks, you should check the following aspects in your checklist.

Top 4 Main Points in Your Checklist for Shipping Paintings

Shipping paintings comes with certain risks. But what are they? Which points should be taken into account when planning the shipping process? Here are the main recommendations from our experts.

#1 Painting Frame

Depending on the framing type, your painting will require completely different handling in transit. Paintings framed with glass will need more delicate packaging and handling throughout the entire process compared to metal or wooden frames. Fragile frames can easily crack and damage the canvas, so they should be properly packaged and labeled as fragile. The same goes for old antique frames, which also need special care at all stages of the shipping process so that they don’t forgo physical damage or scratches.

#2 Dimensions and Weight

Another point of concern should be the precise measurement of the painting’s dimensions and weight. This information will help you select the right packaging materials that meet the artwork’s size and can withstand its weight at all stages of transportation without wear and tear.

#3 Materials

Paintings can be created on paper, cotton, linen, or another material. Each of these materials behaves differently in various environmental conditions. Therefore, each of them requires proper handling and packaging approaches that take the materials into account and ensure the safest transportation of the precious fine art object. Thus, you should take this aspect into account too when planning the process of shipping paintings and ordering the packing and moving services from professionals.

#4 Painting Type

The type of paint used in your painting is also of significance, as oil, wax, and watercolor paintings react differently to alterations in temperature or moisture parameters. Therefore, they should be packaged accordingly for the sake of minimizing the impact of external factors and delivering the objects in an intact condition, with minimal risks and uncertainties.

Now that you know the intricacies of shipping paintings, it’s time to delegate this task to professional art handlers. Fine Art Shippers is ready to ship your valuable possessions to any distance, ensuring top-quality end-to-end service, from on-site packaging to the installation of the delivered objects at their destination location.