Tips on Packing Books for Shipping

Externally, books may appear to be tough and strong goods for shipping. However, it is necessary to be careful about how you pack them before entrusting them to our fine art shippers for movement to the destination. Therefore, this post will share our tips on how you can take advantage of our wholesale boxes to ship books and secure these valuable tools before transportation. Read on to learn more.

Wrapping Your Books in Plastic

You need to wrap your books in a plastic bag before placing them in the final container. This way, you will secure them against possible water damage in transit.

Sandwiching the Books

Next, sandwich your books in between two cardboards that are a bit larger than the books you intend to ship. You should also ensure that the boards are plain because if they have any sticker or print, they will smudge the books. This way, you will protect your books against bending while transporting them inside our wholesale boxes to ship books. This way, they will arrive in their best form and shape.

Final Wrapping of Your Books

You should also wrap the books using wrapping paper to cover the plastic and cardboard you had used to cover them. In such a way, you will guarantee that the entire pack stays fine and untouched no matter what the shipment conditions are. Since both air and sea shipping may come with surprises, it’s better to secure your belongings with extra protection.

Choosing an Appropriate Box

After finishing with your wrapping process, choose an appropriate box to pack your books ready for shipping. You will need to fill any of our wholesale boxes to ship books with packing materials on all the edges.

Filling the Box

Next, it is necessary to fill the box with extra padding to keep your books’ corners from damage. You can do the babble wrapping using items such as crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts.

 Secure Taping

After filling the box, you should close and secure it. Place the packaging tape across the lid and down the other side of the box.  Also, do the same on the other side to form a cross pattern but do so without overusing the tape lest it becomes a bother to the recipient.

Addressing and Marking as Fragile

When done with the packaging process, address the package to its intended recipient and do it legibly. Don’t forget to mark the box as fragile, since books are a delicate shipment item and need handling with care.