Tips on How to Save Money on Parcels

Do you want to reduce your parcel sending costs? If you do, then explore practical ideas on how to save money on parcel shipping presented here. In the remaining sections, we shall explore practical ideas on how to minimize air or sea transportation costs wisely. Remain with us to enjoy the benefits of these saving tips.

Be Organized

To make savings on your shipping costs, you should embrace organization. Stay organized to get the best deliveries by booking in advance. This way, you can select the economy class that allows you to pay lesser than the Express option that usually costs much more. The good side of these savings is that the difference in time between the Express and Economy packages is only a day. So, plan your deliveries well to save on shipping expenses.

Minimize the Size

The second way of saving on your parcel sending costs is by minimizing the size of the parcel intended for shipping. The reason is that the courier will charge you based on the size of your fine art parcel. Therefore, package your items in the smallest box possible. However, take care so that you don’t use a package that is too small to accommodate the weight and size of your goods.

Let the Courier Do Their Job

Another way of cutting your shipping costs is by letting the courier do their work. The reason is that some of us think that by driving to the courier’s offices, they will be saving money. In reality, getting to the courier’s premises will cost you more time and fuel. So, what should you do? The best option is to go for a carrier who picks your parcels at your door. The reason is that the pickup is already factored in the overall charges. Also, the carrier enjoys economies of scale since they travel around town picking more parcels, making the movement economic unlike you who drive to their office to drop one parcel only.

Compare Service Providers

Another way of saving on your parcel sending costs is comparing various service providers before settling for any of them. Some of them provide foam core boxes, which is a cheap and convenient solution.

Buy Packing Boxes in Bulk

Lastly, you can minimize the amount of money you spend on your fine art parcel by buying shipping boxes in bulk instead of buying one box every time you send a parcel.

The secret is out. You can now lower your shipping costs by using these tips.