Tips on How to Pack China for Moving on a Budget

Tips on How to Pack China for Moving on a Budget

Fine china is an overwhelmingly loved breakable that usually makes you scratch your head before you come up with an idea of how to pack and move it safely. Trying their best to protect precious and fragile kitchenware, people buy a lot of packing materials with the hope that more layers can protect the dishes. Even though such an approach can indeed prove to be useful, it can hardly be cost-effective. If you are about to move to another house and you want to know how to pack china for moving on a budget, use the following packing and moving tips.

Tips on How to Pack China for Moving on a Budget

Pack each item individually

Be it a salad bowl or a porcelain plate, stacking items is dangerous. All objects have to be wrapped separately from each other to avoid collision during transportation. While it sounds like a lot of packing supplies, it is the only way to keep china intact. Cutting corners, in this case, is risky and hence not worthy.

Find the box, don’t buy it

If you want to find out how to pack china for moving without breaking the bank, you also need to know where to get free art packaging supplies. For fine china, you will require a sturdy cardboard box, packing paper, bubble wrap, box dividers, and corner protectors. It won’t be a problem to find all these supplies in your region and save some money for your moving budget.

Use less packing material, pack smart

The packing strategy is your biggest money saver. It is not necessary to use many materials to protect your breakables. What you need is knowledge of how to secure different types of dinnerware. For example, plates should be placed face down and wrapped completely. One layer is more than enough, but don’t forget to secure it with tape. The same goes for bubble wrap. Mix cushioning materials with adhesive tapes to achieve the best results.

Pack or not to Pack?

Even if you know how to pack china for moving, there is no guarantee that everything will work out as you hope. Trying things for the first time is always exciting, but if you need to deliver something especially fragile and expensive, it is safer to hire professional art handlers who specialize in packing such types of fragile objects. At the end of the day, it will be much cheaper to hire experts than to break a high-dollar bowl or plate!