3 Ways to Get Free Art Packaging Supplies

3 Ways to Get Free Art Packaging Supplies

Free is always cheaper, especially now when inflation hits hard. In 2021, packaging cost in the US increased on average by about 7%, which was mainly caused by the rise in the price of packaging materials. The art logistics industry was one of the first to have felt the market fluctuations. Relying upon a variety of art packaging supplies, companies had to adjust their pricing policies to keep their heads above water. The changes are also palpable among ordinary art owners and artists who need to pack artworks for shipping.

If you pack your art on your own, you probably know how draining it can be to find quality materials at good prices. At such times, having some alternative ways to get art packaging supplies would be a great relief. Below you can find some simple strategies that will help you find necessary items for free.

Three Ways to Get Free Art Packaging Supplies

1. Check out your friends or neighbors after moving

People use tons of packing supplies during a move. When everything is settled down, they tend to get rid of all of them at once. Don’t let them do that! The chances are that there will be a few materials that you can successfully reuse for your own purposes in the future. If you are lucky enough, you can get shipping boxes, a new duck tape, or loads of packing peanuts.

2. Contact local businesses

Retail stores, furniture boutiques, grocery shops, wineries, and breweries are the aggregators of free art packaging supplies. Such companies usually have an excess of large corrugated boxes, packing paper, and padding materials that they don’t need. Instead of throwing things away, they would be happy to share some stuff with you for free. There are times when “free” is not always great, so make sure to avoid damaged items as they will do more harm than good.

3. Go online

Internet is another decent option when it comes to finding art packing supplies. Free websites like Freecycle, Sharebay, Freegle, and Streetbank are a great way for people in the neighborhoods and local communities to help each other. You will find a lot of Good Samaritans giving and getting stuff for free in their towns and cities.

With inflation getting worse, you can get some free art packaging supplies and save some money that you can spend on something more valuable than duct tape or wrapping paper. Go for it!