Tips for Smooth Art Moving from California to New York

Art Moving from California to New York

California and New York are two destinations known for their developed art scene and a high concentration of art lovers. If you live in California and need to transport valuables to any location in New York, you should better be properly prepared for the move. Here are some useful and easy tips for smooth art moving from California to New York.

Tips for Smooth Art Moving from California to New York

Fine art pieces should be carefully packed

The more precious your artwork is, the more carefully it should be packed. Sort the art by size, wrap each item in several layers of bubble wrap and tape it in place. Packaging larger and more delicate items is best left to the experts. Such art pieces require individual handling.

Get professional help

Moving from California to New York is effective when using expert assistance. Spend time researching reputable fine art movers experienced in New York navigation and art handling. Hiring specialists will give you the assurance that your items will be properly treated and receive enough attention.

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Use wooden crates for transporting fragile art

Custom wooden crates are perfectly suited for moving odd-shaped or large art pieces. Crating is one of the essential art services offered by shipping companies and fine art handlers.

Art moving insurance is important

When moving from California to New York, you should not forget about potential road incidents that may lead to damage to your art items. Always use art moving insurance to ensure peace of mind during transit.

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