Tips for Shipping Paintings Internationally

To ship a painting over a long distance demands careful planning and consideration of all the potential risks that may occur during transit. However, if you follow our tips and useful recommendations, shipping paintings overseas will appear to be a much easier task. Check them out!

Shipping Paintings: Useful Tips

1. Plan your trip and costs

Choose the way you want to ship your fine art abroad. In most cases, you have an option of shipping paintings by air or shipping them by sea. The first one is applied for quick transportation and delivery, while the second option is much cheaper but takes more time for the package to get to its destination.

There are some factors affecting the cost of your shipping:

  • Destination point
  • Specific routes
  • Packing, crating, and other additional services
  • Specific kind of art transport (e.g., climate-controlled trucks)

2. Pack your paintings properly

Wrap your art piece tight if you do not want it to be broken during transit. Paintings are susceptible to damage, especially when shipping them internationally. Each of the items must be dry, clean, protected with acid-free paper and bubble wrap, secured with durable tape, and placed in a durable box (or wooden crate!) with appropriate filling.

3. Hire a professional company

The best option to ship paintings, especially big and large ones, is to hire a trustworthy art shipping company.

Good questions to ask before signing a contract:

  • What is your experience in shipping fine art?
  • How often do you ship abroad?
  • What about art insurance?

We are pleased to remind you that Fine Art Shippers is always here to assist you whenever you need your artworks to be shipped domestically or internationally. Feel free to contact us or request a free shipping quote right now!

4. Do not forget about art import/export customs

Shipping paintings overseas requires consideration of the rules concerning customs and borders of your country and the country of import.

You need to know about:

  • Act or rule regarding art shipping
  • Penalties, multiple charges, etc.
  • Necessary documentation like invoices, forms, etc.
  • Taxes and duties

Follow these tips and tricks and ship your fine art pieces abroad safely and efficiently!