Tips for Shipping Artwork: Antique Porcelain Dolls

Even though porcelain dolls were initially created as children’s playthings, they are now incredibly delicate collectibles. Besides, antique porcelain dolls are often passed down through generations, which makes them treasured family heirlooms. If you are a lucky owner of such a collection, you know how fragile these dolls can be, not to mention that even a single missing piece or the slightest crack can significantly reduce their value. Thereby, it is of utmost importance to order professional fine art shipping services or, at least, consult experienced art movers specializing in transporting porcelains and antiques before moving any of your collectible dolls. After all, the cost of repair can be high. This is also a reason why you should be very careful when packing your porcelain dolls for the move. Consider the following tips for packing and shipping artwork to keep your precious collection safe in transit and ensure each piece will arrive in its pristine condition.

1. Prepare the doll for transportation.

First of all, you need to protect the head as it is the most fragile part of the porcelain doll. To handle this task, you should find the pate, which is usually hidden under the wig, remove it, and open the doll’s head. After that, fill the entire head with cushioning material, such as tissue or art packing paper. Then replace the pate and restore the doll’s wig.

2. Wrap the doll carefully.

Use bubble wrap for wrapping the doll’s head, body, feet, and hands. Do it thoroughly, covering the entire surface for maximum protection during the move.

3. Choose the right box.

Choose a sturdy box that is three inches larger than the doll in each dimension. The size is important as a too big box will allow the doll to move inside it, which increases the risk of damage.

4. Place the doll inside the box.

Fill the bottom of the box with packing peanuts and place the doll inside it. Keep in mind that you should place it face down to protect the doll’s delicate glass eyes throughout the move.

5. Fill the empty space with more packing peanuts.

Fill the empty space inside the box with more packing peanuts to ensure that during the shipping process, the doll will move as little as possible.

Finally, seal and label the box to attract the attention of art handlers. Besides, don’t forget that you can always order professional packing and crating services to ensure the utmost protection for your collection during the move. Shipping artwork is easy with Fine Art Shippers!