The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Great Art Storage in Manhattan

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Great Art Storage in Manhattan

Today, finding an art storage facility in Manhattan is not a problem. NYC is a true hub of the American art industry, so you will be spoilt for choice once you start looking for options. However, it’s very easy to get lost and confused when reviewing dozens of offerings. If you want to spot the best option, read on and use our storage selection checklist.

What Distinguishes a Great Art Storage in Manhattan?

When you’re setting out on a search for the best art storage for your collectibles, you need to keep a couple of critical quality parameters: security, logistics, climate control, and extra services. The security dimension is self-obvious because art objects vary in value, with some items delegated for storage exceeding millions of dollars in price. Thus, they can become attractive targets for thieves, and your storage provider should offer comprehensive security measures to prevent theft.

Second, climate control is vital for the integrity of your delicate art objects. Even short-term exposure to excessive humidity or heat can ruin a unique masterpiece. Thus, you need to check whether the storage has all climate control systems in place and whether it has a backup generator for shutdowns.

The art storage should be conveniently located to allow access to specialized vehicles and potential buyers of your art collection. Extra services are also a great bonus, such as regular condition checks or a viewing room for artwork displays to prospective buyers.

How to Find the Best Art Storage?

The first thing most people do when they’re looking for the best art storage in Manhattan is a Google search. It’s definitely a great starting point, as Google will provide you with the names of the best-known storage providers with a good online reputation and visibility.

Yet, it would be short-sighted to choose the first-best option from the search results. Your next steps should be:

  • Checking every company’s online reputation and reviews.
  • Inquiring about the storage terms from support staff to see how promptly and competently they respond to clients.
  • Going on a tour of the storage facility to see everything with your own eyes before making the final decision.

If you take all these steps, you’re sure to find the best option available. You’re also welcome to check the museum-grade storage facility of Fine Art Shippers in Upper Manhattan. We’ll be happy to show you around and offer the best storage terms for your valuable collection.