The Right Way to Ship Artwork Made of Glass

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So, you need to ship artwork made of glass. You know that the piece is extremely fragile and can easily break in transit. What are your options? The truth is that whether it comes to small decorative items or large sculptures, shipping artwork made of glass is a challenge that requires specific knowledge and, in many cases, an innovative approach. Moreover, since glass items vary in size, weight, and shape, no two jobs are ever the same. So how to ensure your precious artwork arrives at the destination in one piece and without a scratch? The answer suggests itself: you need professional help from experienced art shippers.

The Right Way to Ship Artwork Made of Glass

Each time you need to ship artwork made of glass, opt for professional fine art moving and shipping services. Fine Art Shippers would be happy to help! Over the years in the art logistics field, we have shipped many different glass items. These include small decorative figurines, paintings framed with glass, antique mirrors, chandeliers, sculptures, and even complex art installations. Our team has all the required experience and skills to ensure the proper packing and shipping of any piece of glass art, no matter its size, weight, and shape.

At Fine Art Shippers, we ship glass art pieces in special wooden crates manufactured by our team in-house. Each crate is built with the dimensions and shipping requirements of the artwork in mind to guarantee that it is completely protected and can withstand transportation hazards. This is the only right way to ship artwork made of glass safely and securely.

Besides, at Fine Art Shippers, we take care of transit insurance and art installation on-site to provide our clients with the best art shipping experience possible. Whatever the requirements, we will find the solution that suits both your needs and your budget.

For more information on the matter, check out a comprehensive guide on shipping glass safely on Shipping School, a highly useful educational resource for all things shipping.