Art Shuttles, and Why They Are the Best Art Shipping Option

Art Shuttles, and Why They Are the Best Art Shipping Option

Cost-efficiency, punctuality, and impenetrable security. What images do these words conjure in your mind? Here, at Fine Art Shippers, we know exactly what the answer is. Through the years, we have perfected the craft of art logistics so we can provide you with the best quality services. This is why we are proud of our consolidated art shuttles that have proven to be the best choice for collectors, artists, and other art connoisseurs across the United States. Here is exactly how our art shuttle service is changing the game.

Art Shuttles, and Why They Are the Best Art Shipping Option


The safety of your valuables is always our number one priority. Our art shuttles were designed with the most fragile objects in mind. The vehicles we use for interstate transportation are climate-controlled and air-suspended, ensuring that your valuables are safely protected against the dangers of the outside world. No matter how many valuables are transported at once, you can always count on us to provide an individualized approach to handling your precious possessions.


Cost efficiency is not easy to achieve when it comes to art transportation. And yet, Fine Art Shippers has managed to do just that. Our art shuttle services are a perfect solution for those who are looking for a more budget-friendly option but do not want to compromise the safety of their valuables. By transporting artworks from several clients in one vehicle, we significantly cut down on patrol usage and other factors that influence the final cost of the delivery.


We understand how important punctuality is in the art world. This is why we meticulously plan our routes to optimize the time we spend at each stop without affecting the quality of our services. While our art shuttle services are incredibly flexible, with new locations regularly being added on demand, you can rest assured that your valuables will arrive at their destination on time.

Fine Art Shippers regularly sends shuttles across the country. For more information, contact us directly by phone at (917) 658-5075 or email us at Our team will help you devise the perfect plan for your needs.