The Meaning of Cultural Identity in Mixed Media Art by David Datuna

Mixed media art is one of the most fascinating types of visual art. Implying that more than one material must be present in an artwork, it incorporates many different media (e.g., paper, wood, glass, etc.) into one piece. Any visual elements can actually be part of the creative process. What makes this form of art so fascinating? Combining different media allows expanding on the concept of space and its meaning. Many contemporary artists explore that technique. One of the most famous is David Datuna.

Mixed Media Art by David Datuna

David Datuna is a New York-based artist born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1974. He is largely known for his unique artworks depicting political leaders, celebrities, flags, and cult objects, which explore the meaning and sources of cultural identity from different points of view.

Datuna’s signature technique is based on using various optical lenses, both negative and positive, which are suspended over a painted and collaged image. In his mixed media art, the artist usually combines photographs, magazine clippings, newspaper articles, color, and paint, which results in truly amazing art pieces that often address the most debated political issues. David Datuna’s technique gives a new view on the current events in modern society. The easily recognizable image behind all the broken pieces of glass is shimmering with millions of meanings. The big one gleaming on the surface is visible from a distance but lights up, breaks into puzzles, forms a new picture, and opens new opportunities for interpretation with each step you take closer to it. Just as light breaks through the darkness, the unmixed in its complexity vision of life shines through Datuna’s palette.

David Datuna is a remarkably talented artist with a great art style. His incredible works have been exhibited in the United States, China, Russia, and Europe, and they continue to appear at various exhibitions and fairs worldwide. You should definitely visit one of them at your first opportunity!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons User: Michael Huter / CC BY-SA 3.0