The Main Principles of Finding Qualified Art Movers in NYC

The Main Principles of Finding Qualified Art Movers in NYC

Moving art is a very delicate task that stands on error or guesswork. Thus, you should work only with the best art movers in NYC to get your painting, sculpture, and other collectibles delivered from point A to point B without safety risks. Here is an expert guide on what to look for when you’re searching for vetted moving professionals in the art industry.

What Does an Art Mover Do?

First, let’s clarify on which occasions you may need the services of art movers. They typically assist with the professional packaging of art objects for their further safe transportation. Art moving experts assess your artworks and choose the best-matching materials for their safe shipping, such as acid-free paper, foam sheets, bubble wrap, t-frames, wooden crates, etc.

Art movers also deal with the actual transportation of your artwork. They handle it from packaging to delivering, preventing damage and guaranteeing safety throughout the artwork’s route. You can also ask art movers to install the art object at the destination location.

How to Spot Qualified Art Movers in NYC?

Now, it’s time to identify professional art movers who will indeed perform the job well without critical flaws. The criteria we recommend checking are as follows:

  • The mover’s experience in the industry. Check the number of years they have worked in this field and their experience.
  • Reviews and reputation. What do other clients say about working with this particular provider of art moving services?
  • Availability of professional equipment. These include professional packaging materials, art shuttles with all safety measures, and moving equipment like dollies and carts.
  • Security protections of the art moving transport. The shuttles should have a GPS tracker and a safe lock at a bare minimum to protect artwork in transit.
  • Insurance. The provider should offer comprehensive insurance coverage for the whole process of transit.

Come to Fine Art Shippers to Hire Top Talent

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