The List of Fine Art Services You Will Need in 2024 and Beyond

The List of Fine Art Services You Will Need in 2024 and Beyond

As 2024 is already around the corner, art owners and dealers are focusing on numerous art fairs and shows held in this period in all corners of the USA and on an international scale. The team of Fine Art Shippers is also looking ahead and thinking about how it can stay relevant and deliver demanded fine art services to clients in the years to come.

So, which services are in unchangeably high demand? And what aspects of service do art owners and dealers inevitably need? Here is a brief breakdown of what’s in store for the fine art services industry in 2024 and beyond, according to our observations.

The List of Fine Art Services You Will Need in 2024 and Beyond

We’ve singled out the most in-demand services that enjoy popularity and demand among our regular customers.

#1 Art Shuttle Transportation

The process of shipping art is delicate, so you definitely want to minimize the risks and take as much uncertainty out of the procedure as possible. This is possible by using our art shuttle service – a team of properly trained art handlers will come to your location and pick up the art objects, moving them to and from the art shuttle with due care. Our shuttles are equipped in line with all professional fine art shipping standards, so your art objects are fully protected throughout the whole process of transit.

#2 Packing

Professional, meticulous packaging of artwork is at the heart of fine art services. That’s why we handle all art objects individually and choose packaging materials and techniques in proper regard to the object’s age, type, and condition.

#3 Crating

Some art objects require an additional layer of protection for shipping; it may be needed for international shipment, the transportation of three-dimensional objects, and the shipping of very old and fragile items. Our experts can create a custom wooden crate for your precious belongings to guarantee its protected shipment and immunity to physical shocks and damage.

#4 Storage

Art storage in a climate-controlled, secure place is one of the most demanded services, and we are ready to provide it to clients. Use our Brooklyn storage for any period you need; it meets all art storage requirements and offers convenient logistics.

This list may be continued further, as the realm of fine art services is truly impressive. You can find out about these and many other service types by contacting us by phone or email. Let’s give your valuable art belongings the treatment they deserve in 2024!