The Cheapest Way to Ship a Painting Without Making Costly Mistakes

The Cheapest Way to Ship a Painting Without Making Costly Mistakes

If your budget is tight, you go to great lengths to save some money, and you still need to deliver a painting, you might be deeply invested in finding ways to cut corners on moving. The truth is that risking the safety of your items is almost always a bad idea, although it is the most straightforward way to balance the books. In case you want to make it less harmful for your artwork and more beneficial for your bank account, here is how to find the cheapest way to ship a painting without making costly mistakes.

The Cheapest Way to Ship a Painting: What NOT to Do

Before we distinguish some safe methods of painting transportation, let’s look at the things you shouldn’t do in any case.

Rejecting art insurance: similar to other types of insurance coverage, art insurance is an essential safety measure designed to foster your well-being. Doing otherwise is an example of a false economy.

Using alternative packing materials: there are some methods to make packing less expensive, but it is not advocacy for alternative packing materials. Newspapers instead of packing paper and towels instead of bubble wrap will do more harm than good.

DIY shipping: it might be tempting to deliver your artworks by yourself. However, the chances are that you underestimate the risks of damage in transit. It is not that simple, considering that even experts can make mistakes. Now, let’s try to see what makes the cheapest way to ship a painting.

Cheaper Doesn’t Always Mean Worse

First and foremost, you shouldn’t opt for full-service shipping when you hire shippers. Insurance and delivery are the basic things you need from professionals. That’s why your next consideration should be packaging. The cheapest way to ship a painting is not low-quality materials or some alternative options, which were discussed before, but the wise use of supplies you have or can afford to buy. Depending on the size and type of your painting, you most likely have multiple choices on how to pack an object. Among all those options, you should choose the least resource-demanding and, thus, more cost-effective one. It might not be as good as the top choice, yet it will provide an adequate level of protection.

When it comes to art shipping companies, feel free to request quotes from different companies so that you know the price range. Choosing something in the middle is not always a good idea. It is easier when you compare quality and value to get more accurate results. And if you need quick and effective solutions, Fine Art Shippers’ team will be a key to your shipping conundrum. Just request a quote to find out for yourself!