The Best Way to Ship Art Prints Safely in 2023

The Best Way to Ship Art Prints Safely in 2023

Art prints can be the first art pieces in your collection. They are usually cheaper than original artworks and easier to deliver. However, you should know a few shipping rules to get or deliver them unharmed. Here are some tips that will help you ship art prints safely in 2023.

How to Ship Art Prints Safely and Easy? 

Art print shipping requires a well-thought-out approach. However, there is nothing difficult to get everything right when shipping your artworks.

Start with Adequate Packaging

Proper packaging is essential to protect your art prints during shipping. Even if you’re shipping affordable art prints, they deserve proper packaging. Use acid-free materials to protect your prints from deterioration during transit. Secure them within sturdy, custom-sized boxes to minimize movement and reduce the risk of damage. And do not forget to wear gloves – lint-free, for example.

Choose the Right Shipping Company

To ship art prints, one should select the right shipping company. Evaluate the available shipping options, such as standard mail, courier services, or specialized art shipping companies. The choice depends on your priorities — cost, speed, and level of service. Ensure that they have experience handling delicate art prints and are reliable in terms of timeliness and safety.

Shipping Internationally

If you want to ship art prints across borders, pay close attention to customs regulations and documentation requirements. Work with shipping companies experienced in international art transport to facilitate smooth customs clearance. Additionally, maintain open communication with the company to address any concerns or special instructions.

Insurance Considerations

Whether you’re shipping affordable art prints or high-value masterpieces, accidents can happen. Ensure your peace of mind by considering insurance coverage. It’s a wise investment to safeguard your collection against unforeseen events during shipping.

Document, Document, Document

Maintain meticulous records of your art prints. Comprehensive documentation, including condition reports, high-quality photographs, and detailed inventory lists, enables you to track their condition and provenance. This is especially important when starting your art collection, as it establishes a historical record for each piece.

Every shipping is a combination of careful planning, the right shipping company, and well-thought-out packaging. By choosing experienced shipping companies, paying attention to the specifics of international shipping, and protecting your art prints with proper packaging, you can ensure they arrive at their destination safely and in excellent condition.