The Best Solutions for Shipping Art to the Art Fairs in 2023

The Best Solutions for Shipping Art to the Art Fairs in 2023

Fall is the season of art fairs. Frieze in London, Paris Internationale and Paris+ in Paris, Artissima in Turin, and ART021 in Shanghai are just some of them. With the fall season marking the opening of numerous art fairs, the demand for fine art handling, professional art installation, and all kinds of services related to shipping art surges.

Shipping Art to the Art Fairs

Shipping art, particularly to the art fairs, is a multifaceted process. The diversity and multitude of such fairs worldwide require precision, planning, and professional handling to ensure that artworks arrive in prime condition.

Strategic Timing 

Fall marks the commencement of many art fairs, creating a busy season for art handlers and shipping companies. To secure your preferred shipping and installation schedules, plan well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. Timing considerations also extend to the contracts involved in the art fair participation, ensuring all agreements are made in advance to facilitate a smooth process. 

Professional Art Installation 

Art fair success hinges on the professional installation of artworks. Choose art handlers with experience in handling various types of art, from sculptures to delicate canvases. An eye for placement, lighting, and presentation can make a significant difference in an art fair setting and enhance your sales. 

Transparency and Communication

Maintain open communication with your chosen shipping company. Transparency about your requirements, artwork details, and delivery timelines ensures a smooth and stress-free shipping process. This communication extends to documentation, contracts, and the return shipment of artworks after the art fair concludes. By addressing these aspects proactively, you will be sure that all logistical details have been carefully considered.

As the art world continues to thrive, the participation of artists, collectors, and galleries in prestigious art fairs around the world is on the rise. Shipping art to these renowned events demands meticulous planning, professional art handling, and international shipping expertise. Whether you’re presenting your artwork or expanding your collection, collaboration with experienced shipping companies and art installation experts is key to ensuring that your pieces shine on the global stage.