The Art of Being an Art Shipper

Art shipper

When you ask someone who the art shippers are, there is a high probability that they will get mixed up answering this question. The reason for such haziness lies in the run-of-the-mill perception of this highly responsible job. For the generality, an art shipper is a person who packs and moves different pieces of art. In fact, the list of commitments, as well as the working agenda of art shippers, is much wider than most people think. Fine art shipping is a rigorously gradual and comprehensive process that is all about painstaking work and having every minute planned. Let’s find out what peculiarities make someone a reliable shipper of art.

The must-have features of a true art shipper

We should start by distinguishing responsibilities that trusted art shippers fulfil due to their status. An art shipper is a trained and specialized individual, who provides their services to the art shipping companies, art museums, galleries, and other institutions working with art. Apart from packaging the item, custom crating, and moving, the shippers help customers with art installation and deinstallation. Tracking the shipment and resolving forthcoming issues and difficulties are also part of the job. Of course, all predicaments that may occur to the package are being addressed to the shippers.

As you see, the profession of an art shipper is not that simple as someone may think. The secret of being an art shipping professional is in the readiness to provide the services, no matter what inconveniences and handicaps arise during the work process. Only those experts, who are experienced in the business, can be trusted when it comes to shipping valuable pieces of art.

Sometimes, it requires a good deal of enthusiasm to solve mounting problems as art shippers and movers often work with antique and fragile objects that may cost a fortune. The margin of error in such cases is immeasurable. You have probably heard of the nasty accident with Angela Hewitt’s legendary piano valued at $200,000, which was dropped and destroyed owing to the mistake of the movers. It is an example of how a ticklish piano moving service should not be done.

If you struggle with shipping artworks, then you should rely only on professional teams, such as Fine Art Shippers. We offer high-quality services and will never let levity happen. If you need help, feel free to request a free shipping quote or contact us directly. Good luck!