The “Art Movers Near Me” Dilemma: Local vs. Global Provider

The “Art Movers Near Me” Dilemma

Once you face the need to have your artwork shipped to another city, state, or country, the dilemma of choosing a fine art shipper unavoidably surfaces and causes you sleepless nights. It’s important to select a reliable art shipping company that will guarantee the safety and intactness of all items in transit. So, which is better, to follow the first-best option from the “art movers near me” search results or rely on a well-known global shipping prover?

The “Art Movers Near Me” Dilemma: Local vs. Global Provider

Let’s briefly cover the pros and cons of each of these solutions.

Local Shippers

The first ones in your “art movers near me” search results will surely be local firms with a good reputation. Google usually takes care of placing only top-rated companies at the top of organic search results, but you can additionally check their reviews and testimonials on websites like Yelp to ensure the companies are dependable. Local shippers usually charge lower rates and don’t have huge networks of offices. Thus, you have more chances to receive individual attention and careful treatment of your artwork when turning to a local firm. One major drawback of working with such companies is that they not always can handle many large shipments at the same time.

Global Shipping Providers

At first glance, it may seem that dealing with a globally known name in the shipping industry is a safe bet. However, you should make sure the company has specially trained staff for dealing with fine art. Many global shippers have only regular staff on board and treat delicate artwork just as regular shipments. Besides, you’re most likely to pay extra for the big name and branding, which is not always an equation mark for service excellence.

Fine Art Shippers: An NYC Local Provider of World-Class Art Shipping Services

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