Proven Ways to Identify the Best Art Shipping Company in 2024

Proven Ways to Identify the Best Art Shipping Company in 2024

So, you have a fine art object (or several objects) that you need to have shipped to another location. You definitely want to arrange their relocation safely, with no surprises and uncertainties. With the broad choice of art shipping providers that you’re sure to find online, how can you determine the best art shipping company to work with? Here are a couple of pointers you should consider when making the final choice.

Quality Parameters in the Shipping Industry

In our opinion, the best art shipping company should check the following points in your quality checklist.

#1 Flexibility

Fine art shipping is an industry with a specific set of standards, customized practices, and safety precautions for different art objects. Yet, clients may usually choose from a variety of packaging and shipping solutions. For instance, you can go for a lighter and budget-friendlier soft pack option for your art objects or select the maximum level of protection with a custom crate. You can ship art objects using a specialized art shuttle or book a personal art courier delivery. Each of these options is reasonable and preferable in certain situations, and a reliable fine art shipper will advise you on the optimal solution for your case and budget.

#2 Broad Service Coverage

It’s much simpler to work with companies with a broad spectrum of services. This way, you face no need to hire several service providers and organize their operations. The broader the service coverage, the less trouble you will face in the process of organizing the shipping and handling of your art objects.

#3 Experience

Fine art is delicate and vulnerable, so it doesn’t tolerate experimentation or carelessness. That’s why you definitely need to work only with experienced art shipping providers who know how to treat artwork and won’t expose it to danger at any stage of transportation.

#4 Ultimate Care and Professionalism

When hiring a fine art shipper, always check whether they can organize a white-glove delivery service. Though this form of art handling is not always necessary, it guarantees your artwork is managed with special care.

Fine Art Shippers: The Best Art Shipping Company at Your Service

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