Temnikova & Kasela — A Must-Visit Art Gallery in Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia is a country that one can visit for hundreds of reasons, but one of the most memorable things making it an outstanding tourist destination is art. The cultural life of this Baltic country is closely intertwined with its century-long history. It is one of the primal notions that inspire Estonians to develop their traditions and simultaneously keep up with contemporary art. Today, Estonia, and Tallinn in particular, is home to many noteworthy galleries, and in this blog post, we want to tell you about one of them. Temnikova & Kasela is a tremendously unique art gallery in Tallinn, which you should consider visiting once you are here.

Temnikova & Kasela – an unconventional art gallery in Tallinn

What makes Temnikova & Kasela unconventional? First of all, the gallery curators are quite inquisitive in their search for one-of-a-kind examples of Estonian contemporary art. That is why in this gallery, you are likely to meet something truly exceptional and unparalleled, art pieces that are not commensurate with present-day standards. The current exhibition of the Estonian sound installation artist Kaarel Kurismaa, titled “The Old Man and the Musical Score,” perfectly matches this description.

One more interesting thing about Temnikova & Kasela is its leaning to the global art scene. Established in 2010 by Olga Temnikova, this beautiful art gallery in Tallinn has always been dedicated to the work of both local and international artists. What strikes more is that this year, Temnikova & Kasela will participate in two famous art fairs, which reflects the desire of the gallery to grow and share the experience with their international colleagues. The first one is Frieze New York that will be held in NYC on May 6-10, and the second one is the renowned Art Basel that will be held in Basel, Switzerland on June 18-21.

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