Storing Your Painted Art for the Long Term: The Do’s and Don’ts

Do you have precious tall ship paintings in your home that you intend to store and cherish for the long term? If you do, pay particular attention to how you store these pieces of fine art to guarantee their survival. As this post progresses, we shall share the do’s and don’ts of storing fine art paintings.

Lay them on a Flat Surface

If you intend to store unframed paintings for the long term, then you should store them on a flat surface. However, ensure that the boards you store the artwork on are free from acid. This way, you will protect them against corrosion during the storage period.

 Cover Your Paintings

When storing your tall ship paintings or any other form of paintings, you should cover them. It is prudent to use clean pieces of clothing to cover the art pieces to keep away dust and dirt from gathering on the artwork. However, it is advisable to be taking off the covering to allow them to get fresh air to prevent the growth of humidity that could lead to the growth of mold.

 Always Use Padding

Remember to use padding every time you store your paintings with other artworks. Therefore, place padding between the tall ship paintings and the other artwork to avoid contact with each other lest the paintings will lose their paint and fade in the process.

Keep Off Concrete Floors and Walls

If you don’t want to kill your paintings, keep them off cold walls and floors, or they might absorb the dampness on these two surfaces and damage.

Shun Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is an enemy of all types of paintings. Therefore, do all within your power to protect them from direct exposure to sunlight or else they will fade and lose their luster.

Embrace Climate Control

One way of ensuring that your fine art painting lasts longer when you store it is using climate control. The reason is that sudden changes in humidity and temperatures can lead to the slackening and cracking of the canvas materials on which the painting is done. Additionally, the presence of humidity will facilitate the growth of mold.

 Don’t Store in Attics and Basements

Lastly, avoid storing all painted artwork in the basement and attic because the conditions there will damage your pieces.

With these storage tips, we believe you are now better placed to store your paintings safely for the long term.