Specialized Fine Art Storage in Manhattan: Is It Worth It?

Specialized Fine Art Storage in Manhattan: Is It Worth It?

Art is one of the most fragile and high-maintenance collectibles one can own. While art collecting itself can bring a lot of joy into your life, keeping your possessions in prime condition can be energy-consuming. Not only does preserving art require a lot of time and money, but it also requires space, and not everyone wants or can afford to have a separate room for art storage in their home. Art storage facilities become true life-saviors when it comes to taking care of precious collections of fine art and antiques. But hiring a fine art storage company in places where the general cost of living is high, like New York City, might be pretty expensive. So, is opting for fine art storage in Manhattan worth the money?

Specialized Fine Art Storage in Manhattan: Is It Worth It?

People who refrain from professional art storage services, especially fine art storage in Manhattan, are usually scared off by potentially high prices. To them, it seems that there are plenty of other more affordable options for storing art. However, it is a common misconception.

The price of fine art storage in Manhattan is formed based on several elements. Essentially, when paying for professional art storage, you are paying for:

  • a climate-controlled, fully insured space where your collection is stored;
  • professional art handlers to take care of your collection;
  • security guards to watch over your valuables 24/7.

These are just the basics that any fine art storage service should cover. Now, ask yourself if you can provide security and protection for your valuables at home. In case you want to try assembling an art storage system at home, we have some suggestions that might help you. However, organizing a perfect environment for your artwork in your apartment or house will take a lot of mental energy, time, and financial resources.

In conclusion, New York art collectors and reputable institutions opt for art storage in Manhattan because of how cost- and time-efficient it is. A storage facility located in the very heart of the city means easy pick-up and delivery services whenever required. Besides, fine art storage companies perfectly understand the needs of their clients and have affordable temporary and long-term storage options for all kinds of collectibles and valuable items.

Fine Art Shippers offers one of the best art storage options in New York. Contact us at (917) 658-5075, and we will help you come up with a solution that is right for you.