Somos Art En Movimiento: Art Logistics Services in Colombia

Somos Art En Movimiento

Did you know that Fine Art Shippers has strong relationships with Colombia where we work with many talented artists, art galleries, and private collectors? We have been shipping fine art to/from this amazing equatorial country for many years, helping the art community transport their treasures safely and securely. However, our services have never been as efficient and cost-effective as they are now. This has become possible thanks to our newly established collaboration with Somos Art En Movimiento, one of the best art logistics companies in Colombia and far beyond.

Art Logistics Services from Somos Art En Movimiento

Somos Art En Movimiento, which is part of In Bonds Import and Export CO, is an international art logistics service provider based in Bogota, Colombia. The company has been in the business since 1980, developing its expertise in different sectors of the industry. Today, Somos Art En Movimiento is one of the most reliable and trusted fine art shipping companies providing a full range of services related to the logistics of fine art and antiques. These include:

  • air & sea freight;
  • land transportation by own vehicles;
  • consolidation management and condition reporting;
  • help with customs and permitting procedures;
  • exhibition logistics;
  • advisory for import and export procedures;
  • art storage in fully-equipped warehouses;
  • assistance at art fairs;
  • art packing and crating;
  • art installation and removal.

Art Logistics Services in Colombia

Art Logistics Services in Colombia

Art Logistics Services in Colombia

At Fine Art Shippers, we are happy to partner with Somos Art En Movimiento in Colombia because this team of experts arranges professional and complete assistance on both outgoing and incoming shipments. They greatly facilitate the process of international art shipping, taking care of every detail with the highest attention and efficiency. Whatever art logistics services in Colombia you need, Somos Art En Movimiento is, without a doubt, the right company to come for help. Very recommended!