Smart Ways of Protecting Your Printed Artwork from Online Theft

Do you have precious prints of ships or any other forms of artwork photos you post online? If you do, then you should think about protecting those fine art photos against online theft. In the remaining sections of this post, we shall share out secrets to help you protect your artwork pictures against theft.


If you are an HTML and CSS expert, you can protect your prints of ships by placing a transparent GIF on top of the artwork. This measure makes it impossible to download the image and print it because any attempt to download the images will get a transparent image file.

Use Flash

To keep thieves off your artwork images, you can use a flash to protect them. You need to convert your images to flash since it makes it impossible to copy and paste them for commercial purposes and piracy.

 Warn Thieves

The third way of protecting your priceless images is warning thieves against piracy. By adding such a warning to your modern art images, you make the potential thief know the potential legal consequences of stealing your images.

Deactivate Right-clicking on Images

The third way of protecting your artwork images is deactivating right-clicking on images. This can be a good way of deterring thieves who don’t know how to go around this method. The reason is that you can circumvent the deactivation by using the “prt scr” or “print screen” on your computer to download the image.

Resize All Uploads

The last method of deterring thieves from stealing and pirating your fine art images is resizing and reducing their resolution whenever you upload. When uploading the images, you should resize them to less than 600 by 600 pixels. Also, give it a resolution of 72 pixels per inch. With this resolution level and size, any viewer can see the image properly but it becomes impossible to print it in any meaningful size that someone can sell. The reason is that the best a person can print the image is 72 dpi and 8 by 8 inches. This method is the best option for deterring those thieves who want to take your artwork and sell it.

If you are still in doubt about how to protect your images, contact our fine art shipping and handling experts for advice, and we will consult you on the subject. Keep your fine art belongings and their images intact by means of applying basic security measures!