Smart Tips on Reusing Shipping Boxes

Are you looking for clever ways of saving money, time, and trees? If you are, then reusing a shipping box for artwork is one of those simple tricks of doing so. But how can you use these boxes effectively without your shipment looking funny or mediocre? All the answers to the above questions are in the remaining parts of our discourse. If you want to discover them, remain with us till the end of this post.

Ascertain Its Condition

Before reusing a shipping box for artwork, make sure it is in the right condition for reuse. The reason is that it is possible for the previous user to have mishandled it, making reusing difficult. Also, check to find out if its defects are repairable or not. For example, if it has visible holes or tears, double-tape them on both sides using heavy packing tape.

Remove Labels

Another step to take before reusing boxes for packing is removing all the labels it could have. If it has them, use your fingernails or a sharp razor to remove all of them. Afterward, pack your new contents in the box ready for transportation to your new destination. Also, remember to place new labels on the reused box in the same locations where the previous ones were attached to hide their marks and make your package look presentable.

Check Its Bottom

Before making the best of your used box, check its bottom to make sure it is taped properly. The reason is that proper taping is critical to enabling the used shipping box for artwork to hold the new shipment securely. Therefore, add new layers of tape so that it does not open and spill your contents when you lift it up.

Dealing with Brand Names

Does the box have any brand name? If it has, remove it by covering it or using a thick felt pen. The reason is that most of the leading carriers don’t like carrying boxes that advertise other companies, or worse still, their competitors.

Turning It Inside Out

Lastly, you can turn the box inside out if the outside is too dirty for use.

Our tips have enlightened you on how you can utilize an old box to ship your cargo. The ball is now in your court to try them.