Smart Ideas On How to Ship Framed Art

Shipping framed fine art can be more challenging and delicate than dealing with unframed artworks. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to how to ship framed art to ensure that your artware arrives safely the way you intended it. To help you with that, we have compiled a few insightful ideas on how to do it correctly. Read on to learn more.

Assess the Value of the Artwork

The first step to take is assessing the value of the artwork you want to ship. The reason is that some of the materials used to frame fine art can be costly, and hence the need to establish their value before transporting the artwork. If you find that the artwork has exceptionally expensive framing and you or your family members have a strong emotional connection to it, then you may need to unframe it and ship the two components separately.

Provide Enough Cushioning

Anything that has value to you needs your protection. When abiding by the rules of how to ship framed art, you should cushion the artwork before shipping it. For instance, you can use medium to heavy-density packaging materials such as bubble wrap to protect framed fine art during transportation. When protecting the art, don’t use shredded paper since it can settle down along the way and expose your artwork to potential damage.

Use a Full Overlap Box (FOL)

If you want to ship your framed art safely, you should consider using this kind of box. The reason is that its flaps overlap each other fully to offer your box extra cushioning for that much-needed protection.

Use Liners in the Shipping Container

If you don’t what your art to bend or rattle during shipping, you should surround the whole frame with the corrugated flues running in opposite directions on the container.

Use a Durable Closure Technique

Lastly, you need to use this technique to give your artwork the extra strength and safety required to ensure that it stays in the box properly. To do this, it is necessary to use strong three-inch water-resistant tape.

Shipping framed artwork includes a higher risk than shipping those artworks without frames. With this in mind, we have shared out some practical ideas on how to ship framed art to enable you to do it better next time you ship your framed artware.