Simple Rules That All Professional Antique Shippers Follow

Simple Rules That All Professional Antique Shippers Follow

These days, people can choose from a large variety of different shipping services to pick the one that suits them best. Modern-day art logistics companies provide assistance in every area imaginable and can help you handle any type of valuables. When it comes to dealing with old items, an individualized approach is necessary because the category of “antiques” is a rather large one, and it includes many subcategories that require special treatment. For example, a china set is supposed to be handled differently from a vintage chair. However, there are still some general rules of thumb that all expert antique shippers agree on. Let’s look at some of them together.

Rules That All Antique Shippers Follow

Less handling — less trouble

All professional antique shippers understand that preparing for shipping in advance is half of the success. This means measuring and planning everything beforehand to avoid having to make any serious changes during the transportation process. Some antique pieces are extremely fragile, which means that they should be touched and moved as little as possible. For this reason, all preparations should be done carefully and effectively.

Always support the bottom

It is important to properly lift the items you are transporting. An experienced art handler will not lift an antique vase by its handle because they know it might be the most fragile part of the entire piece. Instead, they will use both of their hands to support the breakable as securely as possible.

Do not lift heavy pieces alone

Expert antique shippers work as a team when it comes to the transportation of a heavy or large piece. Not only is it dangerous for human health to lift massive items on one’s own, but it also creates a high-risk situation in which a priceless antique can be dropped and damaged.

Fragile pieces go on top

Stacking boxes when loading them in the truck or art shuttle is common practice, but it should be mindfully done. Expert art movers know to never put heavy boxes right on top of vulnerable items. This is why labeling packages is crucial when moving. That way, your movers will have direct instructions on how to treat your belongings.

Hopefully, these rules have provided some insight into how fine art handlers operate. Now that you know about them, it should be a little bit easier for you to choose a reliable antique shipping service.